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Borg Names: The Trendy and Funny Drink Labels for College Parties


If you are a college student who likes to party, you might have heard of “borg.” But what is a borg, and why do people name them in such creative ways? In this article, we will explore the origin, meaning, and examples of borg names, as well as some tips on how to come up with your own.

What is a Borg?

A borg is a drink carried around in a plastic gallon jug and is expected at college parties. The word “borg” is an acronym for “blackout rage gallon,” which implies that the drink is potent and can cause people to lose their memory or control.

However, the actual reason behind these drinks may be more beneficial than harmful. Most recipes for Borg call for some alcohol (for 21+ students, of course), juice, and some hydration drinks like Liquid I.V. or Pedialyte. This combination allows you to stay more hydrated throughout the party.

Another advantage of the Borg is that it keeps your drink safe and secure for the duration of the party. Closing the top of your gallon jug can help prevent spiking incidents or contamination from other sources.

Of course, even with the positive aspects of Borg, you still need to be sure you are drinking responsibly and within your limits. A borg is not a magic potion that will make you immune to the effects of alcohol.

Why Do People Name Their Borgs?

The most fun part about the Borg trend is that everyone comes up with a name for their drink and writes it on their gallon jug. People get creative with their borg names, using puns, pop culture references, jokes, or personal touches.

The reason why people name their borgs is to distinguish them from other people’s drinks, as well as to express their personality or mood. A Borg name can also be a conversation starter or a way to impress others with your wit and humor.

Some people also use their Borg names to show off their skills or interests. For example, if you are good at math, you might name your borg “Bor-geometry” or “Bor-ga-rithm.” If you are into music, you might name your borg “Bor-gy and Bess” or “Bor-gie Wonder.”

What Are Some Examples of Borg Names?

There are countless examples of borg names that people have come up with, ranging from hilarious to clever to outrageous. Here are some of the most iconic borg names that you might want to copy or get inspired by:

  • The Incredible BORG
  • BORG appetite
  • Home DepBORG
  • All A-BORG
  • SpongeBORG Squarepants
  • Woke Up In A New BORGatti
  • BORG Me I’m Irish
  • Hailey BieBORG
  • BORGasm
  • It’s BORG O’clock Somewhere
  • Plan BORG
  • I don’t think you should Blame Me for this. The BORG Made Me Crazy
  • BORG To Be Wild
  • Save A BORG Ride A Cowboy
  • Margaritaville
  • B*tch, I’m A BORG
  • Our BORG and Savior
  • BORGan Freeman
  • Captain BORGan
  • BORGan failure
  • BORG (Taylor’s Version)
  • Dublinborg
  • Conor McBorgor
  • Seamus McBorgor
  • Niall O’Borgor
  • Aidan O’Borgor
  • Paddy O’Borgor

How To Come Up With Your Own Borg Name?

If you want to come up with your own unique and original Borg name, here are some tips that might help you:

  • Think of words that rhyme with “borg” or sound similar. For example, cork, fork, pork, York, etc.
  • Think of words that contain “borg” or can be modified to include it. For example, boredom, abortion, abortionist, etc.
  • Think of phrases that use “borg” or can be altered to use it. For example, aboard, abort, absorb, etc.
  • Think of celebrities, characters, movies, shows, books, songs, brands, places, or events that have “borg” in their names or can be changed to have it. For example, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Stanley, Morgan le Fay, etc.
  • Think of puns or jokes involving “borg” or related words. For example, “Borg me a river,” “Borg out of your mind,” “Borging on a jet plane,” etc.
  • Think of something that describes your drink’s flavor, color, ingredients, or effects, and add “borg” to it. For example, “Blueberry BORG,” “BORGtini,” “BORGtastic,” etc.
  • Think of something that reflects your personality, mood, style, or attitude, and add “borg” to it. For example, “Sassy BORG,” “BORGalicious,” “BORGinator,” etc.


Borg names are a fun and trendy way to spice up your college parties and show creativity. Whether you copy an existing Borg name or create your own, you will have a blast with your drink and friends.

Just remember to drink responsibly and safely, and enjoy your Borg!

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and remember to visit buzballs for more mind-boggling updates.😊

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