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Dejur Model 500 Manual – A Guide to Vintage Photography & Price


In the world of vintage photography, few cameras are as enigmatic and captivating as the Dejur Model 500. A relic of a bygone era, the Dejur Model 500 is a classic piece of equipment that has captured the imagination of collectors and photographers alike. In this article, we delve into the Dejur Model 500 manual, offering a comprehensive guide to understanding this vintage gem.

The Dejur Model 500: A Brief History

In this section, we provide a historical overview of the Dejur Model 500, highlighting its significance in the world of vintage photography. We discuss its origins, production years, and the innovations that set it apart from its contemporaries.

Navigating the Dejur Model 500 Manual

A deep dive into the manual itself, this section offers readers a step-by-step guide to using the Dejur Model 500. We break down key sections of the manual and explain their significance in operating the camera. Topics covered may include:

  1. Camera Controls: Exploring the various knobs, dials, and levers that make up the Dejur Model 500’s interface.
  2. Loading Film: A detailed guide on how to load film into the camera, ensuring that your vintage photography experience starts on the right foot.
  3. Focusing and Framing: Tips and techniques for achieving precise focus and composing your shots effectively.
  4. Shutter Speed and Aperture Settings: Understanding the camera’s settings for controlling exposure and creativity.
  5. Maintaining Your Dejur Model 500: Tips for cleaning, storing, and preserving this vintage camera for generations to come.

Tips and Tricks from Vintage Photography Experts

Drawing on the wisdom of experienced vintage photographers and collectors, this section offers insights and advice for getting the most out of your Dejur Model 500. Topics may include:

  1. Choosing the Right Film: Recommendations for film types and brands that pair well with the Dejur Model 500.
  2. Creative Photography Techniques: Exploring unique photographic styles and effects achievable with this classic camera.
  3. Common Issues and Solutions: Troubleshooting tips for addressing typical challenges that may arise when using vintage equipment.

Showcasing Vintage Dejur Model 500 Photography

This section celebrates the artistry of photographers who have embraced the Dejur Model 500, featuring a selection of stunning vintage photographs captured with this camera. The images serve as a testament to the enduring appeal and artistic potential of this classic device.

The Dejur model 500 camera is a vintage 8mm film camera that was made in the USA in the 1950s. It is a rare and collectible item that can be used to capture memories or as a decorative piece. The price of this camera varies depending on its condition, availability, and demand. Based on the web search results, I found the following prices for this camera:

  • $49.95 on eBay, without case
  • $120.00 on eBay, with case
  • $595.00 on Rosie’s Workshop, restored and converted into a lamp
  • Unknown price on WorthPoint, with manual and reel

These prices are not fixed and may change over time. You may also find different prices on other websites or platforms. If you are interested in buying or selling this camera, you should do your own research and compare the prices and conditions of different sellers and buyers. I hope this information helps you. 😊


In closing, the Dejur Model 500 manual is more than just a set of instructions; it’s a gateway to a world of vintage photography nostalgia and creativity. Whether you’re a collector, a photography enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the charm of yesteryears, the Dejur Model 500 offers a unique opportunity to explore the magic of vintage photography. So, dust off your camera, consult the manual, and embark on a journey through time, one frame at a time.

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