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Rigged Game Tarkov: The Truth Behind the Controversy


Rigged Game Tarkov

Introduction of Rigged Game Tarkov

An intense and realistic online first-person action role-playing game/simulator with MMO aspects and a narrative guide is called Escape from Tarkov. The game is set in the fictional city of Tarkov, where a conflict between two private military companies has plunged the region into chaos and lawlessness. Players must survive in this harsh environment, facing enemies, scavengers, and other players while looting and managing their resources.

However, some players have accused the game of being rigged, claiming that the game’s mechanics are unfair and biased towards certain players or situations. In this context, we will examine the validity of these accusations and try to answer the question: Is Rigged Game Tarkov?

What does it mean to be rigged?

To say that a game is rigged means that the game’s outcome is predetermined or influenced by some external factor, such as the developers, the server, or the RNG (random number generator). A rigged game would favor some players over others or create situations that are impossible to overcome or escape. A rigged game would also need more consistency and transparency, making it easier for players to understand and predict its rules and logic.

Is Escape from Tarkov rigged?

No, Escape from Tarkov is not a rigged game. The game’s mechanics are based on chance and skill; every player has an equal opportunity to succeed or fail. The game does not favor any player or situation over another or create impossible scenarios for players to deal with. The consistent and transparent game allows players to learn and master its rules and logic.

However, this does not mean that the game is easy or forgiving. Escape from Tarkov is a challenging and realistic game with consequences for every decision and action. The game does not hold the player’s hand or give them hints or tips. There are no modes or difficulty settings in the game. There are no checkpoints or save games in the game. The game does not have any respawns or revives. The game does not have any health bars or indicators. The game does not have any maps or markers. The game does not have any tutorials or guides.

The game expects the player to be prepared, attentive, adaptable, and skillful. The player has to deal with realistic ballistics, weapon handling, recoil, jamming, durability, ergonomics, weight, inventory management, health system, bleeding, fractures, dehydration, exhaustion, pain, shock, poisoning, radiation, infections, diseases, temperature, hydration, and hunger. The player has to face realistic enemies, both AI and human, who can use tactics, cover, flanking, grenades, communication, stealth, night vision, thermal vision, traps, mines, and more. The player has to scavenge for loot, which can be rare, valuable, sound, or useless. The player has to trade with other players or NPCs, who can offer quests, rewards, discounts, or betrayals. The player has to escape from the map within a limited time frame while avoiding extraction campers, exit glitches, server issues, hackers, bugs, and more.

All these factors make Escape from Tarkov a very complex and dynamic game, where anything can happen at any moment. The game is full of surprises and challenges that test players’ knowledge, skills, luck, and nerves. The game is also full of rewards and satisfaction from overcoming these challenges and achieving one’s goals.

Why do some players think that Escape from Tarkov is rigged?

Some players may think Escape from Tarkov is rigged because they need help understanding or accepting the game’s mechanics and logic. They may have unrealistic expectations or assumptions about how the game should work or behave. They may blame the game for their own mistakes or failures. They may need help with the game’s difficulty or randomness. They may be influenced by confirmation bias or negativity bias.

Some examples of common complaints that some players may have are:

  • I always die in one shot.
  • I always get headshots by scans.
  • I always get killed by hackers.
  • I always get killed by desync.
  • I always get killed by exit campers.
  • I always get killed by grenade launchers.
  • I always get killed by thermal scopes.
  • I always get killed by rats.
  • I always get killed by Chad.
  • I always need to catch up on my gear.
  • I always lose my money.
  • I always lose my progress.
  • I always get bad loot.
  • I always get bad spawns.
  • I always need better quests.
  • I always need better traders.
  • I always get bad teammates.

These complaints are not valid evidence that the game is rigged. They are either exaggerated, inaccurate, or subjective statements that do not reflect the reality of the game. They are based on personal experiences, emotions, or opinions that may not represent the game. They are also influenced by various factors beyond the game’s control, such as the player’s skill level, play style, strategy, tactics, loadout, equipment, choices, actions, reactions, luck, timing, situation, environment, and more.

How can players enjoy Escape from Tarkov without thinking that it is rigged?

Players can enjoy Escape from Tarkov without thinking that it is rigged by following these tips:

  • Learn the game’s mechanics and logic. Study the game’s wiki, guides, videos, forums, and other sources of information. Understand how the game works and why it works that way. Know the game’s rules and limitations. Know the game’s strengths and weaknesses. Know the game’s features and options. Know the game’s secrets and tricks.
  • Accept the game’s mechanics and logic. Respect the game’s design and vision. Appreciate the game’s realism and immersion. Enjoy the game’s challenge and diversity. Embrace the game’s unpredictability and variability. Adapt to the game’s complexity and dynamism.
  • Improve your skills and performance. Practice your aim, movement, positioning, awareness, communication, teamwork, and more. Experiment with weapons, mods, ammo, armor, meds, gear, and more. Explore different maps, routes, spots, angles, exits, etc. Try different strategies, tactics, objectives, play styles, and roles. Learn from your mistakes and failures. Learn from other players’ successes and feedback.
  • Manage your expectations and emotions. Do not expect to win every raid or every fight. Only expect to find some items or complete some quests. Do not expect to have a smooth or flawless experience. Do not expect to have a fair or balanced experience. Stay attached to your gear and your money. Do not get too frustrated by your losses or your deaths. Do not get too angry at your enemies or your teammates. Do not get too discouraged by your difficulties or your setbacks.
  • Have fun and be positive. Remember that Escape from Tarkov is a game meant to entertain and challenge you. Remember that Escape from Tarkov is a game that is constantly evolving and improving. Remember that Escape from Tarkov is a game with many potential and possibilities. Remember that Escape from Tarkov is a game with many fans and supporters. Remember that Escape from Tarkov is a game you can enjoy in many ways and for many reasons.


Escape from Tarkov is not a rigged game. It is a realistic and hardcore game that requires skill, luck, and nerves to survive and succeed. It is also a complex and dynamic game that offers its players a lot of challenge and diversity. It is not a game for everyone, but it is a game for those who are looking for a unique and intense gaming experience.

If you are one of those players who think that Escape from Tarkov is rigged, we hope that this article has helped you change your mind or at least understand the game better. If you are one of those players who love Escape from Tarkov for what it is, we hope this article has reinforced your passion or entertained you.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and remember to visit buzballs for more mind-boggling updates.😊

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