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The Best New Zealand Visas for Greek Citizens and HUNGARIAN Citizens


New Zealand, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers worldwide. For Greek and Hungarian citizens, the prospect of exploring this Pacific paradise is made even more accessible through specific visa options. In this article, we will delve into the best New Zealand visas for Greek and Hungarian citizens, providing comprehensive insights into the application processes and eligibility criteria.

Understanding the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA):

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is a convenient online visa waiver program designed to streamline the entry process for visitors. Greek citizens looking to embark on a New Zealand adventure can find detailed information on eligibility and application procedures for the ETA in our dedicated guide NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR GREEK CITIZENS. Similarly, Hungarian citizens can explore their own tailored guide NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS for a seamless application process.

Key Features of the ETA:

The ETA is an electronically linked visa that allows citizens of eligible countries to travel to New Zealand for short stays. Here are some key features that make it an attractive option for Greek and Hungarian citizens:

Online Application:

  • The ETA application can be completed online, providing a hassle-free experience for travelers. Both Greek and Hungarian citizens can conveniently submit their applications from the comfort of their homes.

Quick Processing:

  • The processing time for ETA applications is typically swift, making it an ideal choice for those with imminent travel plans. This ensures that Greek and Hungarian citizens can obtain their visas efficiently.

Multiple Entries:

  • The ETA allows for multiple entries into New Zealand during its validity period. This flexibility is beneficial for travelers who plan to explore the country on more than one occasion.

Short Stay Duration:

  • While the ETA is perfect for short stays, travelers intending to stay in New Zealand for an extended period should explore other visa options. We’ll discuss some alternatives later in this article.

Alternative Visa Options for Long-Term Stays:

For Greek and Hungarian citizens planning extended stays in New Zealand, alternative visa options are available. These include:

Work Visa:

  • Individuals seeking employment opportunities in New Zealand can apply for a work visa. This visa is suitable for those with job offers or specific skills that are in demand within the country.

Student Visa:

  • For Greek and Hungarian citizens pursuing education in New Zealand, the student visa is the appropriate choice. It allows individuals to study at recognized institutions in the country.

Residence Visa:

  • The residence visa is designed for those planning to make New Zealand their permanent home. It’s a comprehensive option for Greek and Hungarian citizens looking to settle in the country.


In conclusion, New Zealand offers a range of visa options catering to the diverse needs of Greek and Hungarian citizens. The ETA is an excellent choice for short stays, providing a quick and convenient application process. For those planning long-term visits or considering relocation, exploring work, student, or residence visas is recommended. Regardless of the chosen visa, both Greek and Hungarian citizens can look forward to an enriching experience in this stunning Pacific destination.

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